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Camille Fleming is a professional mermaid and costume artist with a focus on waterway conservation. She has years of open water modeling under her belt and currently works as an aquarium mermaid, PADI instructor, and mermaid accessory creator. Catch her mermaid shows at the Dive Bar in Sacramento, or head over to her instagram @kelpie.dreams to see more of her mermaid content!

In addition to being a PADI Mermaid instructor, Camille also holds certifications in and has experience with freediving and scuba diving, as well as being first aid + emergency first responder certified. She holds a bachelor's degree in Entertainment Design and has been proudly providing costumes, accessories, and event performance to the Northern California area since 2017. Ask her how you can get involved in waterway conservation today!

The PADI Mermaid program is designed to blend basic freediving skills and safety practices with the expressive and artistic activity we call "mermaiding." It's an ideal program for improving breath hold skills and open water knowledge while keeping yourself and those you dive with safe.


The PADI Mermaid program requires only some basic swim skills, and is open to anyone over six years of age, regardless of gender. Courses are suitable for all experience levels - whether you've never worn a tail before or have been doing this for years, PADI instructor Camille believes she can give you a valuable experience and teach you something new!


We're proud to offer PADI Discover Mermaid, Basic Mermaid, Mermaid, and Advanced Mermaid through Fisheye Scuba in Granite Bay, CA. PADI Mermaid classes are primarily available in the Greater Sacramento area, but we're more than willing to travel to you for a class anywhere in California or out of state.


Interested in booking a PADI Mermaid course? Give us a call at 916-359-9727 or head over to Fisheye Scuba's website!


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