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Tahoe Banshees is a fantasy experience company founded by family in Sacramento, California. We specialize in fantasy photography, costumes, props, and accessories, and have a professional background in providing costumes and actors for event performance. We now offer lessons and workshops as well if you want to learn what goes into creating our photos!

Our past clients and work history include League of Legends / Riot Games, The Jim Henson Company, Sesame Street, the E3 Conference, Legendary, and countless private clients. We'd love to make your event magical, or fabricate a custom showpiece for you!

Tahoe Banshees is owned and operated by CFStudios.


Aleksander Savidge is Tahoe Banshees' photographer and sewing expert. A professionally trained tailor with years of experience creating custom costumes, his passions lie in historical costuming and creating fantasy photography inspired by classic art, whether on dry land or beneath the waves.

Camille Fleming is Tahoe Banshees' fabricator and PADI Mermaid instructor, as well as our resident siren. She holds a degree and years of experience in Entertainment Design, and is excited to combine her costume and performance experience with years of underwater modeling experience to create unique works of art.

Ana Sarmiento is Tahoe Banshees' invaluable assistant. Whether hauling set pieces, holding photography reflectors, or cutting out pattern pieces, we wouldn't be able to create anything we do without her!

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