Tahoe Banshees is a costume fabrication and event performance company under CFStudios. We specialize in fantasy costuming, armor, prop weapons, and professional event performance with a work history including League of Legends / Riot Games, The Jim Henson Company, Sesame Street, the E3 Conference, Legendary, and countless private clients. We'd love to make your event magical, or fabricate a custom showpiece for you!


Founded by Camille Fleming in 2015, CFStudios is now a costume team run jointly by Camille and Aleksander Savidge after Aleks’ joining in 2016. We can design ourselves but have the most fun doing costume commissions or reference-based commissions, and we are always open to giving commission quotes or discussing event appearances. We have over twelve years of costuming experience, and have worked in the field as professional employees and self-employed freelancers. Let us help you bring your concepts to life!